PUBG’s newest vehicle is a jet ski, plus another new weapon has been confirmed for Miramar

Slice some waves with your duo partner.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

Both of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ maps—the original Erangel and the brand new Miramar—will be getting a new watercraft vehicle.

The jet ski-type vehicle is being called an Aquarail, and it’s a two-seater. It’s an additional option for players that choose to take to the open seas as opposed to the land.

For the incoming desert map of Miramar, another new weapon has been confirmed in the R45 six-shot revolver, according to Nvidia. It effectively replaces the R1895 revolver.

“Unlike the R1895 it replaces, the R45 will not support a suppressor, though you will be able to add a red dot sight to improve your aim,” said the post on Nvidia’s site. “And another differentiation from the R1895 is the use of speed loaders, enabling you to load all six rounds simultaneously, greatly accelerating reload times, putting the R45’s reload speed more in line with other PUBG pistols.”

The R45 joins the previously announced Win94 rifle and double-barrel shotgun as new weapons exclusive to Miramar, with gameplay of the map premiering tonight at The Game Awards.