PUBG’s new customization items are already fetching insanely high prices on Steam

The odds are not in your favor to earn these in-game.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ new customization items are beginning to pop up on Steam’s marketplace, and they’re already being sold at incredibly high prices.

Currently, the second-highest listed item on PUBG’s market is the new “Cloth Mask (Leopard)” from the Desperado set. There is just one listed, and its price is set at over $1,800.

The odds of earning an item like this in-game are actually pretty insane. PUBG’s latest patch notes lists the Leopard Cloth Mask at 0.16 percent odds in the Desperado loot box, which must be opened with a key that’s bought with real money. Couple that with the fact that the specific Desperado box only has a 40 percent drop rate, and the odds are miniscule.

The new Leather Hoodie, both Black and White variations, are also listed. They’re on sale for $1,735 and $1,350, respectively. They both have a drop rate of 0.32 percent in the Desperado box.

With nearly impossible odds to earn these items naturally in-game, the prices are not surprising. In fact, the preorder-only “PLAYERUNKNOWN Set” is still the highest listed item on the market at over $1,860, as that set is literally impossible to get anymore.

Just how rare are some of these new items? According to Ars Technica, which crunched the numbers, the rarest items show up once every 80 years of playtime, on average. That works out to 89.5 million Battle Points to purchase the boxes needed.

You better start grinding if you want to look like a Desperado in Erangel or Miramar.

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