PUBG’s leaderboards on PC are being reset tonight

Heads up, chicken dinner-seekers.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds leaderboards on PC are being reset tonight, and matches will be unranked until the new season begins, PUBG Corp. announced today.

The leaderboards were last reset on Jan. 30 this year, and also when the game launched its 1.0 version in December. The reset will happen tonight at 8pm CT, and the next season “will be announced soon.”

Another reset was to be expected, considering the developer’s nonstop struggle against cheaters and hackers in the game. Each time they are reset, cheaters eventually flood the top of the leaderboards with impossible stats.

PUBG recently reached the awesome accomplishment of 30 million sales, but the ongoing cheating problem contributed to a recent downturn in player population, which has recently re-stabilized again.

For the time being, players will have to enjoy PUBG without having their stats count towards a leaderboard. At least until PUBG Corp. somehow finds a cure for the cheating epidemic.