PUBG is “doomed,” Dr Disrespect and xQc say

The top streamers on Twitch believe the battle royale is falling off.

XQC Fortnite
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Two of the biggest streamers on Twitch shared their harsh opinions on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds yesterday, saying that it’s “doomed” and “scuffed.” 

Dr Disrespect and xQc were discussing battle royale game H1Z1 (Z1:Battle Royale), which has seen a steady decline since its rise to fame in 2017, with fellow streamer Summit1G yesterday. The game had over 150,000 concurrent players at its peak in 2017, but failed to reach over 1,000 players in the latter half of 2019, according to SteamCharts

When Summit1G proposed the idea of participating in an H1Z1 tournament, xQc said “that game is scuffed, it is scuffed.” But xQc didn’t stop there. “It’s like PUBG, these games are kind of doomed, they’re literally doomed, PUBG is such a piece of shit,” he said jokingly, to which the Doc agreed. “Oh, it’s doomed,” he said. 

Summit1G, who used to play PUBG, disagreed. He said that PUBG is “doing fine” and suggested that PUBG Corp. has “already made its money.”

PUBG is still going steady on PC with over half a million concurrent players. But this trend is going downward, according to SteamCharts. Moreover, in 2018, PUBG made almost $1 billion in revenue and $310 million in gross profit

But PUBG has broken through in other markets, like mobile. In June 2019, PUBG Mobile reached over 400 million downloads with 50 million concurrent players each day, according to The Esports Observer. Even if these figures have slightly declined since then, PUBG Mobile is still at the top of its game.