This weekend’s event mode in PUBG features snipers only

One shot, one kill.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

A new iteration of the Event Mode in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now live for this weekend, and it’s all about letting snipers shine.

“One Shot, One Kill” is a variation of the game’s team deathmatch-like War Mode, only this time every player will be equipped with a Kar98k. Not only that, but players will be instantly eliminated when sniped instead of being knocked down.

Each match will take place inside of a small, static safe zone, so the map is effectively cut into a slice and made into its own small location. There won’t be any traveling or chasing down safe zones in this mode.

Players will spawn with a ghillie suit, a Kar98k with a 4x scope, a handgun, and one frag grenade. The handgun and grenade are for “when things go sideways,” according to PUBG Corp, but this mode is made special by one-shot-kill snipes.

Eliminating an enemy warns three points, and killed players will respawn in planes that fly by every 40 seconds. The first team to reach 150 points wins, and if no team reaches 150 points after 15 minutes, the team with the most points will be victorious.

Rainy weather is enabled, redzones and care packages are disabled, and vehicles and world loot will not spawn. This is War Mode, and it’s quite different from the normal game of PUBG. But that’s what makes it so fun.

Previous Event Modes have featured shotguns and melee weapons, and flare guns and armored vehicles. The mode is live right now and will last through the weekend until June 11 at 12am CT.