A popular online poll indicates that PUBG’s community is split on first person vs. third person

It's closer than you might think.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

Last week, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds received one of its large monthly early access updates. One of the main features of the update was the addition of first person-only servers, offering a more hardcore experience than PUBG’s default third person option.

Now that the game has two distinct options of play, everyone has a choice to make in PUBG, whether it be when they’re playing the game or when they’re watching it on Twitch.

One of Twitch’s top PUBG streamers, DrDisRespect, plays the game nearly every day for an audience that routinely reaches over 20,000 people. He was curious what the Twitch community thought of the game’s view options from a spectator standpoint, and he posted a poll on Twitter to get a sense of what people were thinking.

The result was almost split right down the middle, with 51 percent of the nearly 30,000 votes in favor of third person instead of first person. Many of the replies to the tweet reflected the idea that first person is more fun to play, but third person is better to watch.

In general, though, it seems to be pretty even right now. First person offers a more hardcore experience, but it is also still somewhat unpolished and can be difficult to watch for people who may be prone to motion sickness. Third person is the default game mode, and it’s what most people know, but the perspective allows for corner peeking and more passive play in general.

Luckily, PUBG’s first LAN event will feature both third and first person perspective matches, so fans will be able to further decide which they like best. The gamescom PUBG Invitational takes place from Aug. 23 to 26.