PUBG will begin testing connection-based matchmaking this week

Ping will decide matches now.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

An anticipated and welcome change is coming to the matchmaking system in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Corp. announced this morning.

In December the team at PUBG Corp. considered introducing a maximum ping limit, but it thinks that an even better method is soon on the way—ping-based matchmaking.

“Unlike the method considered earlier, we are going to divide the matching pool depending on ping,” said a new blog post from PUBG Corp. “This means that the users with lower pings will be prioritized during matchmaking. The team is expecting to improve the overall play experience by splitting the matching pool rather than restricting connection depending on ping.”

Preparations are currently underway to test the new matchmaking method, with first trials being planned to begin this week.

The blog post also clarified that development of some new features have been delayed due to focusing the team on anti-cheat efforts. Because of this, a 2018 development road map has been pushed back to some time in March.

A new test server patch is on the way as well featuring several bug fixes and optimizations for the game, including taking away the player’s ability to see inside the spawn airplane in an effort to improve early game client and server performance.

“Your enjoyment of PUBG remains our number one priority,” said PUBG Corp. “We will continue to put our best effort to improve and maintain the fair play environment, optimize the game and provide you with new content.”