PUBG community manager says sound issues “are being investigated by the sound engineering team with a high priority”

Patch 4.3 caused some severe audio issues.

Image via PUBG Corp

After a recent PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch messed with the audio of footsteps, fans brought out the torches and pitchforks. One PUBG employee responded to the complaints, however, promising that a fix to sound issues is a “high priority.”

PUBG community manager Hawkinz responded to a Reddit thread yesterday, explaining that the development team is listening to players’ feedback and it’s investigating the sound issues that are plaguing the battle royale.

Hawkinz responded to a frustrated PUBG player who claimed to have uninstalled the battle royale because of the inconsistencies in the game’s audio.

“Our heads aren’t buried in the sand, we’re here listening to your feedback,” Hawkinz said. “We are aware there are still sound issues, these are being investigated by the sound engineering team with a high priority.”

The player also criticized the new footstep sound curve feature, which ideally works by reducing footstep sounds when players move to the outer limit of audible range. The further a player is, the harder it is to hear their footsteps.

“The new soundcurve [is] absolutely horrid for hotdroppers, be it in hacienda, gatka, school, apps… anywhere, since you cannot distinguish distances at close anymore,” the angered fan said.

The footstep sound curve failed miserably, according to fans. Players feel like footsteps all have the same volume, especially when dropping in highly-populated areas, making it difficult to tell if an enemy is five or 50 feet away.

“The new footstep sound curve hasn’t been received well, we acknowledge this and the team is looking at addressing this feedback ASAP but is still evaluating what the next step is,” Hawkinz said.

PUBG developers are investigating the issue, but there’s no current time frame on when the audio problems will be fixed.