PUBG’s latest anti-cheat patch rolled back due to crashing and framerate issues

It was good for stopping cheats, but bad for performance.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

If you noticed a small update before jumping into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC yesterday, it was an important one. The update rolled back a more recent patch that installed new anti-cheat software.

The rollback happened due to community complaints about consistent freezing, crashing, and framerate issues that cropped up with the new update. The issues, in the end, were so bad that PUBG Corp. had to remove the update entirely.

The update did have an increased “effectiveness in blocking cheats,” according to the developer. But thanks to the stability problems, it needs more work before being added back onto the live servers.

It’s good to know that the update helped with blocking cheats, and players can only hope that it will be ready to go again soon, as the war on cheating and hacking has been ongoing for several months now.

PUBG Corp. also confirmed three hours of server maintenance tonight starting at 9pm CT to move the current test server build onto the live servers. This update includes client and server optimization, the addition of an in-game PUBG friends list, and achievements on Steam.