BattlEye data shows that 99 percent of banned PUBG cheaters are from China

PUBG is biggest in the east, but so is its hacking problem.

Scott Duwe  -  3 days ago

PUBG hits 30 million sales, but its player base is beginning to decline

Are hackers and cheaters scaring players away?
Scott Duwe - 3 days ago - PUBG

China's 2 mobile PUBG games combined for over 75 million pre-orders

The thirst for PUBG on mobile is huge.
Scott Duwe - 9 days ago - PUBG

PUBG was played for over 2.7 billion hours during its early access period

PUBG has come from nowhere to be one of the biggest games in the world.
Scott Duwe - 12 days ago - PUBG

The popular ReShade mod is now officially banned in PUBG

It's all a part of the effort to prevent cheating.
Scott Duwe - 13 days ago - PUBG

BattlEye banned over 1 million PUBG cheaters in January alone

The cheating just won't go away.
Scott Duwe - 14 days ago - PUBG

PGL is hosting a $100,000 PUBG Invitational in Bucharest next month

Sixteen of the top teams will attend.
Scott Duwe - 17 days ago - PUBG

PUBG's latest update adds improvements to the desert map

Changes were made to "improve the engagement experience."
Scott Duwe - 20 days ago - PUBG

The 7 qualifier teams for PUBG IEM Katowice have been finalized

Some familiar faces are in the mix.
Scott Duwe - 21 days ago - PUBG