What Pokémon can be caught with Daily Adventure Incense in Pokémon Go?

The list is expansive. Perhaps too large to quantify.

Image via Niantic

The Incense mechanic in Pokémon Go is being expanded again, with a Daily Adventure Incense being added to give players more free, daily content to enjoy. 

Daily Adventure Incense is just like normal Incense but with slightly different properties. Instead of lasting for a full hour, it will only last 15 minutes, but during that time it is more likely to help attract rare Pokémon that normally wouldn’t spawn in the wild. 

As a daily mechanic, it will automatically refresh every day and you can use it from your Item Bag. Before that, you have to unlock Daily Adventure Incense by completing a set of Special Research tied to the item, which players will automatically receive when the feature goes live in their region. 

There are limitations to this mechanic, as you can only activate it once per day, you need to be actively walking around while it is in use to get the full effects, and it can’t be stacked with normal Incense. However, there are certain Pokémon that are only encounterable through Daily Adventure Incense and if you are looking to capture some rare Pokémon, this could really help you save time instead of hatching Eggs, entering raids, or grinding other methods. 

Here are the Pokémon that spawn using Pokémon Go’s Daily Adventure Incense

Just like with normal Incense, there isn’t a full list of Pokémon that spawn using Daily Adventure Incense because the item can theoretically pull from an even larger pool of Pokémon to spawn in the overworld. 

Despite the lack of a dedicated list, we do know that Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres were introduced to the game alongside the feature and are currently Daily Adventure Incense-exclusive encounters.

This will likely change in a future event, but for now, this is the only way you can find the Legendary variants.

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In addition to the Galarian birds, you can also find a number of Pokémon that are typically found in raids or Eggs, with the latter being more common. Multiple players have shared images of catching Fossil Pokémon like Tyrunt and Kabutops along with rare Pokémon such as Corsola and Heatmor. 

There likely is a cut-off to what Pokémon can spawn when you use Daily Adventure Incense, like only select Legendaries or region-exclusive Pokémon being attracted to it, but using it will likely spice up your encounter table beyond just local finds.

Niantic could also alter how this special Incense works during events or other special activations, though that will be case-by-case and announced as it happens.