Virtuoso Lucario and Concert Snorlax added to Pokémon UNITE

Both of these new looks can be purchased for just 400 Aeos Gems.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE added a pair of new holowear items that players can purchase from the in-game store today.

These two new items are Virtuoso Style Lucario and Concert Style Snorlax. Both are available for purchase right now.

Players who’d like to add these looks to their collection can do so for just 400 Aeos Gems. These two looks are some of the first new additions in 2022. Prior to them on Jan. 6, Zeraora got a new Power Plant Style skin, which you can also purchase from the store.

Pokémon UNITE has kicked off the new year by confirming the game will be a part of the Pokémon World Championship that’s set to take place later in 2022. With these big things planned, fans should expect new holowear looks, playable Pokémon, and more to round out the game.

If you’ve yet to try out the game for yourself, you can check out Pokémon UNITE on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices for free.