The Pokémon Company reveals Roxanne Secret Rare from ‘Battle Region’

This is the latest card to be revealed from the set ahead of its launch this week.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon OCG is set to get its Battle Region set on Friday, Feb. 25 and, ahead of release, The Pokémon Company has given fans an early look at one of its secret rare cards.

The Secret Rare Roxanne card was revealed by Pokemon’s Japanese Twitter account. This supporter card lets players reshuffle both their own and their opponent’s hands before drawing six cards themselves. Their opponent is allowed to draw just two.

This is the latest card to be revealed, but we expect the remainder of the set’s Secret Rare cards to be showcased in coming days prior to Battle Region’s launch.

Last week, the entirety of Battle Region’s regular cards were showcased, including the first Hisuian cards in Pokémon OCG. These included the Pokémon Legends: Arceus starter evolutions Typhlosion, Samurott, and Decideueye.

Along with these are plenty more Pokémon, both new and old. Other Hisuian standouts making their debut include Kleavor and Wyrdeer, all available in Character Rare variants alongside their wardens.

Pokémon OCG Battle Region will hit stores in Japan on Friday, Feb. 25 before joining an English TCG set sometime later this year.