The Pokémon Company reveals Lumineon V and Roseanne’s Backup from Star Birth

There are still other secret rares to come.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Star Birth, The next Pokémon OCG set, is set to launch later this week, and the Pokémon company has already shared a peek at two of the secret rare cards.

Today, Roseanne’s Backup and Lumineon V (alt art) were showcased. Both of these cards will be available to collect in Star Birth when it drops on Friday, Jan. 14.

Fans are still waiting for the remaining Secret Rare cards to be revealed, however. These are expected to be revealed later this week before the launch.

Last week, all of the regular cards from Star Birth were unveiled. These included four of the newly introduced VSTAR cards.

Many of the cards from this OCG set are expected to make their way to the west as part of the Pokémon TCG set, Brilliant Stars. When this set drops in February, it will also include cards translated from Start Deck 100, the December OCG range.

These cards are all that The Pokémon Company has given OCG fans today, but we expect the rest of the secret rare cards to drop in the days to come. Stay tuned for more card reveals.