The Pokémon Company re-uploaded the Pokémon Unite trailer to correct flawed Nintendo Switch footage

A small error led to several reuploads.

Image via Pokemon

For anyone wondering why the Pokémon Unite trailer popped up in their YouTube subscription boxes again, it was actually a different video The Pokémon Company uploaded to fix an error.

The Pokémon Company confirmed it deleted the day one upload of the trailer to put up a new one, which fixed an editing error when the game was shown on the Nintendo Switch. 

It wasn’t a display issue or anything to do with Unite, but rather, the Switch console itself was accidentally flipped. This means that the handheld console was being shown with the Joy-Con controllers on the wrong side of the system, as you can see by the buttons in the before and after comparisons. 

This is not the first time that the trailer has been re-uploaded, though. After the initial reveal, TPC uploaded a second version of the trailer that was identical to the original. This was seemingly due to the high level of backlash that the first upload was receiving. 

That original video became the most disliked video in Nintendo history, surpassing 150,000 dislikes on YouTube in just a few days. 

If TPC were worried about the dislikes, there is a feature on YouTube to simply disable the Like/Dislike bar for a video, which the Japanese Pokémon channel and several other variations utilize. 

But even if the dislike ratio played into the reupload, it wasn’t the only reason. Companies miss editing mistakes in trailers and reveals all the time and will go back to reupload them later in order to rectify those mistakes. Nintendo has done this in the past, even reuploading full Nintendo Direct presentations to fix simple errors in-game footage.

This is also backed by the fact that the entire Pokémon Presents presentation from June 24 has been uploaded again to fix that single error.