Special Porygon2 to be distributed via Shared Code during the Pokémon Players Cup VGC Finals this weekend

Trainer can get Porygon's evolution without having to trade.

Image via The Pokémon Company

A special Shared Serial Code will be available for trainers to redeem during the Pokémon Players Cup Video Game Championship finals livestream this weekend, Aug. 22 and 23, The Pokémon Company announced today. The code will be available until Aug. 31.

Players will get to redeem a competitive Porygon2 trained to be good in Trick Room. It has a Sassy nature, comes with the item Eviolite, and has the moves Recover, Trick Room, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt.

Porygon2, the evolution of Porygon, is a Normal-type Pokémon and normally comes with the Trace or Download abilities. It can only evolve by trading Porygon holding an Upgrade item.

The finals will be streamed on the official Pokémon YouTube and Twitch channels. The top 16 players from the North American, European, Latin American, and Oceania qualifiers will play against each other in the finals.

Image via The Pokémon Company

On Aug. 21, there will also be a VGC Finals Preshow. In the Pokémon Players Cup Video Game Championship, trainer will battle with Pokémon in the traditional format using Sword and Shield.