Shadow Suicune will be available after Pokémon Go Fest’s Battle Challenge

The big boss isn't going anywhere.

Image via Niantic

If you still haven’t had time to defeat Giovanni and rescue his Shadow Suicune, you have a little bit longer to get that done, as Niantic has confirmed that the legendary Water-type will be sticking around for a bit longer in Pokémon Go

It is unknown how long the extension will last, but it appears that any Giovanni encounter for the foreseeable future will include a Shadow Suicune as the main event. 

If you completed the Battle Challenge Timed Research, you would have been given a Super Rocket Rader that would have helped you track down the big boss of Team GO Rocket. Even without the special Timed Research, however, you should still be able to do so once the current set of challenges end. 

You can still encounter Giovanni by completing the special GO Rocket themed monthly Timed-Research that Professor Willow assigns, but now using a Super Rocket Radar can help you find him in balloons, too. That research, titled A Shadowy Threat Grows, is part of a larger set of tasks you will need to complete before battling the boss. 

Following the completion of both the Troubling Situation and A Professor’s Work is Never Done Special Research, players will receive the Super Rocket Radar. You can equip the item from your bag and the device will point you to the location of GO Rocket’s boss. 

Even if you are trying to locate him using the new Rocket balloons, several Rocket Grunts will still disguise themselves as Giovanni to throw you off his trail. You will need to visit captured PokéStops to weed out the fakes and discover the real Giovanni and take him on in battle.

After you defeat Giovanni, you will be able to rescue the Shadow Suicune and add the Legendary Pokémon to your collection. 

The Go Fest Battle Challenge ends at 10pm local time on July 15, so if you want to finish up the Timed Research you have a little bit of time left to do it. Though even after it ends, you can still challenge Giovanni and save Suicune.