Serebii’s Joe organizes Pokémon Sword and Shield raid hour to lift spirits during coronavirus pandemic

Raid with friends or strangers during this community event.

Screengrab via Pokemon

With events being canceled, games being delayed, and tons of people looking for something to do, the webmaster for one of the biggest Pokémon websites is putting together a weekly raid hour for the community. 

Joe Merrick runs Serebii, an independent database for all things Pokémon. During this period of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, he’s organizing a weekly Community Raid Hour to try and bring everyone together. 

This community event will be held every Wednesday at 11am CT in Pokémon Sword and Shield and is open to any and all participants who want to group up and raid with other players rather than NPCs. The event is scheduled to run for an hour each Wednesday, but there’s no set end time, which means it will likely last longer than that. 

Merrick says that this is just his attempt to keep the community’s spirits up while everyone is dealing with everything going on. 

“We’re in a dark time right now, and it sucks,” Merrick said. “So for the past few days I’ve been putting together a whole new Pokémon community initiative: A Pokémon #CommunityRaidHour, in order to lift our spirits and give us something fun to focus on and play together.”

Along with trying to bring players together, Merrick is also working with over 50 Pokémon content creators across YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook who will be streaming their raids live during the event.

There will be optional challenges added as the event goes on to try and give each week a theme. This week, the theme is Easter and spring, so trainers should try to use Pokémon themed around rabbits, eggs, or birds. 

The Pokémon Community Raid Hour will run every Wednesday starting at 11am CT, but don’t let the timing stop you from raiding with friends throughout the week.