Retro Cup, Great League Remix, and more found in new Pokémon Go datamine

A cool look at some potential content coming to the game.

Image via Niantic

Another big text update was just discovered in Pokémon Go, this time containing information about the next special cup for the Go Battle League, a potential name for a new event, and some quests for upcoming research like the Fletchling Community Day. 

All of this data could be pushed live at any point moving forward, but here is what datamining group PokéMiners were able to pick up by digging through the update. 

Starting with the Battle League details, two new cups were mentioned, those being a Great League Remix and a Retro Cup. There are not further details included, but it would appear the Great League Remix might change some rules around for the usual league, while the Retro Cup will be running around an event in the future. 

The Great League Remix might also be its own mini-event that will focus on the Battle League, but we won’t know for sure until Niantic confirms it. 

A lot of new text for quests surrounding the Fletchling Community Day that will happen in March were added in, along with Today View bonuses and general quests too. And, as expected, the seasonal section for the Style Shop is going to swap over from Holiday to Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto ahead of the event, likely once the items go live on Feb. 20. 

One weird little detail also popped up, showing that the Team Go Rocket encounter music at PokéStops has been removed or left empty. This could mean that new music is being added for the Kanto Tour, or that something else happened and just left the sound file empty, especially since it actually still present in the active game. 

You can read the full teardown on The Silph Road community Reddit page.