Red egg coming to Pokémon Go today

Shadow Pokémon will probably have their own egg.

Image via Niantic

Niantic is adding a new type of egg to Pokémon Go today at 1pm local time. A red egg will join the game and it might be connected to Team Go Rocket, according to Serebii.

Right now, there are three colors for eggs that correspond to the distance you have to walk to hatch them. Green eggs need two kilometers, orange eggs require five, and purple eggs need 10. The red egg might require a different distance than those three to hatch.

In the teaser image, this red egg is surrounded by a purple ominous fog that resembles the dark aura from the Shadow Pokémon that the Team Go Rocket grunts and leaders drop after they’re defeated.

It’s likely that the red egg will be dropped by a PokéStop when there’s a Team Go Rocket grunt defending it and will hatch a Shadow Pokémon that wouldn’t be available through battling.

This egg was previously found by a data miner in February but it wasn’t announced by Niantic until now. It’s possible that Niantic planned to release it at the start of the year but had to focus on adapting the game to quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The red egg will be added to Pokémon Go today at 1pm local time.