Pokémon TCG 25th anniversary set revealed for October

More celebratory content is on the way later this year.

Image via The Pokemon Company

The first Pokémon TCG product for October has been revealed and it’s a mini-set to celebrate the Pokémon franchise’s 25th anniversary. 

The product will be released as mini-booster packs paired with normal packs from other sets and various promotional items. Each mini-booster will include four cards from the anniversary set. 

For now, it sounds like the base mini-set will function similarly to the First Partner packs, which give players three Oversized cards based on the Starter Pokémon of a specific region and two booster packs. It’s unclear what cards are included in the anniversary set or which packs might be added in. 

There will also be collectible variants of the anniversary promo, along with the standard product releases typically brought up for new products. Here’s everything we know about the offerings so far, with preliminary details shared by Pokémon TCG publication PokéBeach

  • 25th Anniversary Giant Figure Collection: Nine 25th anniversary mini-boosters, three variety booster packs, one Pokémon V promo, one Pokémon VMAX promo, and a giant Pikachu figure
  • 25th Anniversary Pikachu V Box: Four 25th anniversary mini-boosters, two variety booster packs, one Pikachu V promo, and one Oversized Pikachu V
  • 25th Anniversary Elite Trainer Box: 10 25th anniversary mini-boosters, five variety booster packs, one promo card, and the normal Elite Trainer box bonus items
  • 25th Anniversary Collector’s Chest Tin: Six 25th anniversary mini-boosters, two variety booster packs, three promo cards, and stickers, a notepad, and a mini portfolio
  • 25th Anniversary Pokémon Pin Boxes: Four 25th anniversary mini-boosters, two variety booster packs, two promo cards, and a pin
  • 25th Anniversary Mini Tins: Two 25th anniversary mini-boosters, one variety booster pack, and a metallic coin

There’s no further information available about the 25th anniversary mini-set at this time. But more details and any updated product listings should be released in the coming months.