Pokémon Sword is outselling Shield 3:2 in Japan

Big sales for the Big N.

Image via Nintendo

Christmas is over and sales of Pokémon Sword and Shield are still increasing in Japan. But some fans are always curious to find out which version of the latest Pokémon game is selling the best.

Dengeki Online revealed the recent sales figures between both versions and it’s honestly quite surprising. Pokémon Sword is the most preferred game, selling at a ratio of 3:2 compared to Shield.

In total, since both games released in Japan, Sword has sold 1.19 million copies across the country. Just under 800,000 copies of Shield, on the other hand, have been purchased, meaning that the series has sold two million units just in Japan.

Worldwide, the series has already sold over six million units since figures were last released. That number might be closer to the eight million mark now, however, which would make Sword and Shield more successful than games like Crystal (6.39 million) and Black and White 2 (7.63 million).

If the lifetime figures for these games continue to escalate, Sword and Shield could overtake more recent titles in sales and become one of the biggest entries in the franchise to date.