Pokémon Sword and Shield ‘Tiny Tourney’ online competition announced

This may be the last online competition for the year.

Image via Nintendo

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s December online competition is accepting entries now, featuring the tiny, adorable Pokémon that generally don’t see much battling competitions.

This upcoming event, Tiny Tourney, will only include first evolution Pokémon that are small. The competition will begin on Dec. 10 and run until Dec. 13. The event is a double battle tournament with the restricts Pokémon to only small species. You’ll also not be able to enter any special Pokémon, nor any doubles of Pokémon or items.

While the limited ruleset does remove a ton of commonly played competitive Pokémon species, there are still plenty of Pokémon to choose from. Here is a full list of options courtesy of Serebii.net.

Like other online competitions, players can compete in a maximum of 15 battles for each day, and each participant will receive 50BP as a reward.

If you want to get in on the action, you can register now by heading to the online competitions menu in Sword and Shield. Open up your menuand select VS. In the VS menu, select Battle Stadium and online competitions. From here, you should only see the Tiny Tourney competition as an option, so select that and follow the prompts to register.

This will likely be the final online competition held in Pokémon Sword and Shield for 2021. If you enjoy these kinds of events or just want to test your skills against others with tiny Pokémon, don’t miss out.