Pokémon Players Cup TCG leaderboards receiving big update on June 24

The leaderboards are getting a fix.

Image via Pokemon

Moderators on the official Pokémon Trading Card Game Online forums have confirmed that the Players Cup leaderboards are getting a big new update to smooth out some issues. 

Previously, the leaderboards were hosted on a PDF that was updated every few days. But soon, there will be a dedicated page on the forums that’s updated more frequently.

While there was nothing technically wrong with the leaderboard, several reports from within the community noted discrepancies with some players’ Tournament Rep in regards to the Players Cup. There was reportedly some form of an issue where results weren’t being calculated for some competitors.

Mods launched an investigation and determined that the best way to solve those problems in the short term would be to up the frequency of updating the listings. The team is actively working on other solutions to the problem that will improve the entire process and keep something like this from happening again. 

Starting on June 24, an updated list will be posted to the TCGO forums that will have the current top 500 eligible players displayed in each region. This will include Tournament Rep earned by each of those players up to that date, with updates planned for the early morning on June 25, 26, and 29. 

Details about further updates and fixes to the leaderboards will be shared once the initial update is live and has been observed over the next week. More information about the leaderboard can be found on the TCGO forums. Details about the Players Cup are available on the official Play Pokémon! website.