Pokémon Malmö Regional Championships: Live results and standings

Time to watch some intense battles.

Screengrab via VictoryRoadVGC

There are some big changes that have hit the Pokémon Championship Series, with the 2020 Pokémon Europe International Championships being canceled due to coronavirus. Nonetheless, the Malmö Regional Championships are going strong. 

As the fifth regional event of the year, there is a lot on the line for players competing on both the VGC and TCG side, with thousands of dollars and hundreds of Championship Points up for grabs over the weekend. 

The event is classified as a tier two tournament, which means it is going to have some solid payouts for the players who end up top cutting the event. But because the event is taking place in Sweden, not everyone will be able to watch the matches as they happen on the final day. 

If you don’t have the opportunity to watch the events live through any of the Play Pokémon! channels or VictoryRoadVGC, here is a list of the final results and standings for both the TCG and VGC Top 8 on March 8. This will only include the Masters Division rankings, while the top finishers from the Seniors and Juniors will be noted below the standings when applicable. 

TCG Standings

PlacePlayerPrizeChampionship Points
1stTord Reklev$5,000200 CP
2ndMehdi Hafi$2,500160 CP
3rd-4thBryan de Vries$1,500130 CP
3rd-4thSander Wojcik$1,500130 CP
5th-8thStephane Ivanoff$750100 CP
5th-8thLukasz Mazurkiewicz$750100 CP
5th-8thMagnus Pedersen$750100 CP
5th-8thBastian Sellmaier$750100 CP
  • Seniors Winner – TBD
  • Juniors Winner – TBD

VGC Standings

PlacePlayerPrizeChampionship Points
1stTobias “TobySxE” KoschitzkiTBD$2,000200 CP
2ndAlexandre “RadiumH3” Lissardy$1,000160 CP
3rd-4thAlex “PokèAlex” Gómez$500130 CP
3rd-4thMattie “MattieMoo” Morgan$500130 CP
5th-8thFevzi “Fevzioe” Özkan$250100 CP
5th-8thEric “Riopaser” Rios$250100 CP
5th-8thLeonardo “Ilbona” Bonanomi$250100 CP
5th-8thJamie “MrJellyLegs” Boyt$250100 CP

Championship Sunday for the Malmö Regional Championships begins on March 8, with matches running all day over on the VictoryRoadVGC Twitch channel.