Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee prototype reportedly leaked

The developer considered adding a breeding system, more camera control, and other features.

Several leaks of a Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee prototype reportedly revealed some features that were considered by the developer but got cut before the games were released in 2018.

The early prototype was leaked on 4chan first, including a bootrom, a file called beluga.nsp, and the .eevee folder, revealing numerous changes that weren’t included in the final games.

The leak revealed, for example, that the developer cut an entire storyline that revolved around a fossil chase in Mount Moon. Gameplay features like breeding and camera control in a co-op game mode were removed as well and weren’t a part of the final versions, although they’re popular in other Pokémon games.

Several test maps, such as a Safari Zone, water animations, early music tracks, and a different opening cutscene were also revealed in the prototype.

The level of difficulty that would have required more farming to further increase a trainer’s Pokémon level was also reportedly lowered.

“Giovanni’s whole team are 7 levels higher than the final, whereas Lance’s got lowered by 5 on launch,” the data miner said. “Towards the middle of the game, some trainers like Sabrina have less Pokemon, such as her Jynx being gone.”

Cutting features, whether it happens at an early or advanced stage of development, is part of the process for every video game—and Pokémon Let’s Go was seemingly no exception.

The Let’s Go series received a mixed reception from fans and press and was drastically different from the main license. More similar to Pokémon Go, it was easier to pick up and was targeted toward a younger audience.

Despite commercial success with over one million sales, its producer Junichi Masuda said the developer was focused on other projects and didn’t plan to release a sequel to the series.