Pokémon HOME to undergo maintenance on Oct. 22

The Crown Tundra is coming.

Image via Nintendo

Pokémon HOME will receive an update this week to properly implement the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, The Crown Tundra.

The maintenance will run for five hours from 6pm to 11pm CT on Thursday, Oct. 22. After the scheduled update, users will be required to upgrade to the newest version to run the software.

The Pokémon Company previously announced a massive update for Pokémon HOME, finally allowing Pokémon Go integration by the end of 2020. Captured Pokémon can be transferred from the mobile game into the cloud storage app, then transferred to the main series Sword and Shield titles—provided they’re in the Pokédex.

It’s unlikely that this week’s maintenance will introduce this feature instead of focusing on The Crown Tundra, which is set to be released on the same day. The DLC will introduce nearly every legendary Pokémon that’s been in the series thus far. Each legendary will have a 100-percent catch rate, provided you manage to defeat them after a tough series of battles.