Pokémon Go to launch crossover event with The Game Awards

Shadow Pokémon will be able to use Charged TMs and Incense effectiveness will be increased.

Image via Niantic

In partnership with The Game Awards, a special Pokémon Go limited-time event will be running during the show that will give players a chance to do some pretty cool stuff, Niantic announced today.

From Dec. 10 at 6pm CT to Dec. 11 at 6pm CT, players can enjoy increased Incense effectiveness and Team Go Rocket Grunts spawning more frequently, along with a few other bonuses. 

For the duration of the event, Incense will be more effective at attracting wild Pokémon to a player’s location. This means that if you plan on watching The Game Awards, you can pop an Incense and spend some time catching Pokémon during the presentation without having to go anywhere. 

Players will also earn extra Stardust from Pokémon captured during this limited period. 

Team Go Rocket Grunts will be appearing more frequently during this crossover at both PokéStops and in their balloons. But none of the other perks for this mini-event even come close to being as useful as the final perk players can take advantage of. 

During this period, players can use a Charged TM on one of their Shadow Pokémon, which will let it replace the Charged Attack Frustration with a different, more useful move. Frustration can be a powerful attack, but for most Shadow Pokémon, there are better options available that can help them be more versatile. 

Specific Pokémon are actually used as Shadow Pokémon in trainer battles, so this opens the door for more strategies with Pokémon who previously would have been stuck with Frustration. 

The Game Awards and Pokémon Go crossover begins on Dec. 10 at 6pm CT.