Pokémon Go teases the introduction of Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions could be coming to the game soon.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Data miners have been digging into Pokémon Go‘s code since the latest update was released on Aug. 18. They found out that almost all of the necessary data for Mega Evolutions has already been added to the mobile game.

Niantic announced in June that Mega Evolutions would be included in the game at some point. And today, the company posted a teaser with Mega Stones, indicating that the new feature should be coming soon.

Details have been uncovered by data miners and it won’t be a simple addition to the game. Mega Evolutions will reportedly be accompanied by Mega raids, Mega energy, and new quests specifically for Mega Evolving.

Mega Evolutions will require energy to evolve, instead of Mega Stones like in the video games. Mega Evolved Pokémon will also return to normal after a certain amount of hours, with friendship level interfering with how much energy it’ll need to Mega Evolve.

Not all Pokémon will reportedly be able to Mega Evolve from the start. The Kanto starters will be the first to appear in Mega raids, while Beedrill and its Mega form will be the focus of a Special Research, according to leaks.

Niantic hasn’t confirmed a release date or any of the information found by data miners. Everything found in the code could change when Mega Evolutions are officially added to Pokémon Go.