Pokémon Go player spending climbs despite increase in coronavirus lockdowns

Hunker down and stay safe even while training.

Image via Niantic

While Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game predicated on actually going outside and walking about, self-quarantining measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have swiftly put that possibility to an end.

Surprisingly, though, the mobile game is doing better than ever. Player spending on Pokémon Go reached $23 million in the last week, the highest of any week in 2020. It was an increase of more than 66 percent from the previous week of $13.8 million.

The second-highest week in 2020 reached $17 million in comparison, a $6 million difference.

Image via Sensor Tower

Niantic, the developer for Pokémon Go, has implemented various measures and rewards to help account for a more sedentary lifestyle forced by coronavirus concerns.

The developer removed certain Field Research Tasks and canceled March’s Community Day and raids. The in-game shop has also been offering essential Pokémon-catching items, such as Poké Balls and Incense, for one PokéCoin. Niantic even removed the walking requirements for the Go Battle League, allowing players to access all areas of the game while staying safely at home.

Niantic also isn’t stopping the update train, recently teasing a new Pokémon from the Unova Pokédex: Gothita.