Pokémon Go is on pace to have its most lucrative year

Some people play Pokémon Go every day.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go is on pace to have its best year of player spending, according to a new report by Sensor Tower.

In the first half of 2020, Pokémon Go has generated $445.3 million, which puts it on pace to “match or even exceed the record spending it saw in 2019” when it generated $905 million globally.

Image via Sensor Tower

This has been the best first half-year in player spending for Pokémon Go, surpassing last year’s $399 million. This year’s spending is up 12 percent overall, according to the report.

Previously, the game’s best overall year was 2016, when it generated $832.5 million in just six months after its initial launch in July of that year.

Pokémon Go is still hugely popular in the U.S., despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Since its launch four years ago, the U.S. has generated $1.3 billion for the game, which is 35.4 percent of overall player spending.

Player spending could surge as many areas around the world come out of lockdown, according to the report.