Pokémon Go Battle League to begin in 2020

Pokémon Go is kicking things up a notch.

Image via Pokemon

Niantic has been working since the launch of Pokémon Go to flesh out the battling mechanics within the mobile game. And now that the depth of the combat system has improved, the developer is ready to take it to the next level. 

A new feature called the Go Battle League will be coming to the game in early 2020, bringing battles in Pokémon Go to the global stage. 


“Like many Pokémon Go features, Go Battle League will encourage players to get out and explore the world with Pokémon,” Niantic said. “Trainers will be able to walk in order to earn entry into the Go Battle League, then battle opponents from around the globe through an online matching system and rise in the ranks of the league. We hope this feature will make the Pokémon Go battling experience more competitive and accessible to more Trainers.”

It’s unclear exactly what this new feature will be adding outside of some kind of global matchmaking that will finally enable something similar to the traditional Wi-Fi battles that Pokémon trainers are used to in the mainline games. There will also be a ranking system to show the best trainers in the world, but the specifics of what changes it’ll bring to normal battles are unknown. 

The developer is going to release a video that will provide insight into both the Go Battle League and other content coming to the app in the near future, so that’s likely when the full list of details will be shown.

Pokémon Go had a presence at the 2019 Pokémon World Championships in the form of an Invitational tournament. If Niantic and The Pokémon Company are ready to push Pokémon Go into the competitive scene, expect the Go Battle League to have a format that will provide players with a way to qualify for the 2020 World Championships, too.