Pokémon Go Battle League is back up after being down for a week

Battle League is finally back, but with some changes.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has finally fixed the exploits that were impacting the Pokémon Go Battle League. The developer pushed the game mode live again today after nearly a week of it being offline. 

This has impacted the schedule for Battle League season two, but Niantic has already provided an updated timeline and a list of other changes that are being made to the mode. 

The first change is an increased number of daily sets for the remainder of season two. Players can now participate in six sets of five matches per day instead of the usual five, though it’s unclear if this change will also carry over into season three. 

Players will also get a full week of boosted Battle League rewards. From June 23 to 30, Battle League win rewards will change for both the basic and premium tracks:

  • Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott will no longer be available as Battle League encounters.
  • For premium track players, Rare Candy rewards will be available at the fourth reward slot instead of the fifth.
  • Further details will be available as rewards are discovered.

Until further notice, the Battle League leaderboard will be temporarily disabled so that Niantic can keep a close eye on the game mode and make sure no other exploits have been missed. 

At least one of the issues that Niantic fixed was Pokémon being able to use their charged moves over and over with fewer fast attacks thrown in to help charge it up. 

“As a team, we believe there is a ‘contract of trust’ in Go Battle League: you should always feel your knowledge and skill determine the outcome of your battles,” Niantic said. “Cheating directly attacks this trust contract, and we have zero tolerance for it.

For further updates or potential downtime, keep an eye on the Pokémon Go help center.