Play with your friends: This datamined Pokémon Go feature seems too good to be true

It's party time.

Pokemon Go trainers wearing their Pawmi backpacks.
Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go dataminers say they’ve discovered hints of a new feature called PartyPlay. This feature is believed to allow up to four players to see each other while playing and even interact in raids, routes, and challenges, which is something players have dreamed of for a long time.

The dataminers shared a video of the alleged feature at work, showing two trainers walking side by side on a map. They also shared screenshots of assets showing the feature, including an option for players to create and join parties.

None of this has been confirmed, but players have discovered what appears to be a symbol referring to the feature. It pops up at the top of the screen in Pokémon Go raids at the moment and shows multiple player icons clustered together. This discovery is further evidence the feature may actually be in the works.

But while some Pokémon players think it is “pretty cool,” others are less inclined.

For some, it’s too little, too late. “Seven years in, I don’t get why this isn’t a feature, and they’re now only limiting it to four friends,” said one player, claiming they’d have played more often if it had been available earlier.

Others actually think it could be a bad thing if it allows you to see random Pokémon Go players on the map and have the option to party with them.

“I would play so much less often if the people around me could see I was playing too. It’s just creepy,” they explained. “I would not turn this feature on. There is no way I would want anyone to see my real-world location in-game.”

Either way, this feature and any potential problems are both just fan speculation right now. It’ll be interesting to see how it will turn out if or when it’s added.


Alex Tsiaoussidis
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