Nintendo Switch users in Japan can now download Pokémon Unite ahead of tomorrow’s network test

It's a reasonably small download.

Nintendo Switch owners in Japan who want to get in on Pokémon Unite can now download the software from the Switch eShop today.

The first Pokémon MOBA is preparing for its network test beginning tomorrow. It will be available from June 24 to 26 prior to its launch in July.

The download reportedly takes up about 1GB of space, and may require a further update when the servers go live tomorrow. But for a Switch title, it is reasonably small.

There had been alpha testing completed in Canada and other regions for the mobile version of the game, specifically for users on Android devices. Nintendo shared recently that the game will see a global launch on Switch in July before coming to mobile devices in September.

This MOBA title will be free to play, similar to many other titles in the genre, and will have its own battle pass style reward system for players to purchase and work through. Early information has revealed that users won’t be required to have Switch online to play Pokémon Unite, but the specifics of this are unclear. We’ll likely get an answer to this question on the weekend once an influx of players gets their hands on the title.

If you’re in Japan, this will be your best chance to try out the game prior to its launch, so don’t miss out. For the rest of the world, it looks like you’ll need to wait until July to try it for yourself.