Niantic will give Pokémon Go players free Remote Raid Passes once per week

A new bonus is being added in October.

Image via Niantic

Starting on Oct. 5, Pokémon Go players will be getting a free Remote Raid Pass every Monday until Nov. 30, Niantic announced today.

This will help players get more involved in raids even if they still can’t go out and interact with them in person. 

A Remote Raid Pass is used to access raids that you can view on your overworld map or that pop up in the Raid section of the Nearby Screen. From there, you can complete a raid and get all of the normal rewards. 

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You can also invite friends and be invited to raids no matter where everyone is located, which is perfect for optimizing your raid party and trying to get the most rewards by finishing the raids quickly. Everyone who gets invited will need to have a Remote Raid Pass to join, but that’s the only requirement. 

These offers won’t stack, so you’ll need to claim them before the next Remote Raid Pass becomes available if you don’t want to miss out on any of them. These free passes also count to your three Remote Raid Pass total, so you can’t just hold onto them indefinitely and you must have fewer than three in your inventory to claim the free pass. 

Make sure to check your app every Monday starting on Oct. 5 if you plan on participating in as many raids as possible.