Niantic to release new 1 PokéCoin Remote Raid Pass bundle on Sept. 10 in Pokémon Go

Three raids for a single coin.

Screengrab via Niantic

Heading into another month full of new Pokémon Go content, Niantic is putting out another useful bundle to give players more chances at getting in on the Mega Evolved action. 

Starting on Sept. 10, any player will be able to purchase a new 1 PokéCoin bundle that will completely refill their Remote Raid Pass stock heading into a set of Mega Raid events. 

Players can only carry three Remote Raid Passes at any given time, but this one-time purchase bundle will give players three right away. This means you can use up all of your stock and then jump right back into raiding to try and unlock some of the Mega Raid Challenge bonuses. 

Throughout the month, completing Mega Raids will bring players closer to unlocking two new Mega Evolved Pokémon, Mega Pidgeot and Mega Houndoom. 

From Sept. 1 to 7, players will need to complete 2 million Mega Raids to unlock Mega Pidgeot as a raid boss. Likewise, from Sept. 11 to 17, that number jumps to 275 million Mega Raids to unlock Mega Houndoom. 

Those numbers will be counted globally and the Mega Houndoom incentive doesn’t need to be done just within that period. The 275 million mark just needs to be reached collectively by Sept. 17 for the Dark/Fire-type to be added to the Mega Raid rotation.

More details about the Remote Raid Pass bundle will be given closer to launch day, likely with some other bonuses being tossed around for raid participants.