Niantic teases that Pokemon Go level cap increase is coming soon

The previously confirmed level expansion might be on the horizon.

Image via Niantic

Niantic is once again teasing the removal of the level 40 cap that has been in place for Pokemon Go players for years. 

Earlier this year, the developers confirmed the game’s level cap will be increased in the future, though they never gave an exact timeline for when the expansion would happen or how it would affect players who were already at the cap. 

Data for the increased level limit was found in the game’s code all the way back in April, with some of the information reportedly pointing to the number increasing to at least level 50. The datamining group Pokeminers also found some details about levels beyond 40 in the 0.191.0 version update for Go at the end of October. 

This update included a new kind of level up system revolving around Level Up Quests, meaning players might need to complete special tasks to level up once they reach a certain threshold. This would make a lot of sense considering how long the grind from level 30 to 40 took for most players, giving a more reliable way to earn XP from tasks rather than simply using XP manipulations like evolving tons of Pokemon to reach the requirements. 

New level-up rewards will also be included, but the specific details have not been found in any of the game’s version updates. They will likely be pretty large rewards since the grind to whatever the new level cap is going to take a long time for most players. 

Niantic did say that the level cap update would be coming sooner rather than later, but with Generation Six Pokemon also being added to the game’s code and all of the events currently planned to roll out through the end of the year, this could point to a New Year’s celebration with Kalos Pokemon and a new level cap being added.