Niantic is adding guaranteed encounters and a daily item box to Pokémon Go

More daily content is on its way.

Image via Niantic

Niantic is making sure players get guaranteed content every day they log in to play Pokémon Go, including encounters and a new Daily Free Box that will be available in the shop.

As part of a limited test, some players will soon be getting a visit from Professor Willow, who will inform them that he has been working on a new type of Incense. This new Incense doesn’t get stored in your bag, but rather it will immediately become active and start attracting Pokémon. 

It won’t work like regular Incense and bring multiple Pokémon running to your location, instead, it will attract a single Pokémon that will only appear for you once per day. Details about how this new feature functions are still limited, but it looks like this encounter will be triggered as soon as you log in to the game. 

As for the new Daily Box, a small number of trainers will receive a free box of items that will appear in the shop to help test this new feature. The Shop button will display a small notification when the Daily Free Box is available and it will be located in the Free section of the in-game store. 

The box will contain different items each day, but this is a new way for Niantic to give out supplies without putting together one PokéCoin bundles or changing other mechanics again. 

These new features will start rolling out in the coming months, and more information will be available soon once testing has officially begun.