Niantic has permanently changed how Mega Evolution works in Pokémon Go

A few small updates for the newest mechanic.

Image via Niantic

Mega Evolution has been a hotbed of mixed results since it launched in August and Niantic has been slowly testing a few things to see how it could best change and improve the mechanic for Pokémon Go players. 

Now, two big updates are being made to how Mega Evolution functions in Pokémon Go, starting with how long the transformation lasts. 

Previously, a Pokémon would only stay in its Mega Evolved-state for four hours before reverting back to normal and requiring another burst of Mega Energy to evolve again. Moving forward, Niantic is permanently changing that duration to eight hours, which was previously only used during special events. 

On top of that, players can now carry 2,000 Mega Energy for each individual type of Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution. This is up from the previous 999 limits and will hopefully help Trainers stockpile some excess energy when they aren’t using it. 

Niantic will also be on the lookout for more ways to change Mega Evolution so that it better fits into the Pokémon Go ecosystem, as a main complaint of players since launch has been that it feels like using Mega Evolution is like renting a Pokémon because of the high cost in resources to gather Mega Energy and capable Pokémon.