Niantic confirm XL Candy bug is impacting Pokémon Go Battle League

A new bug is letting stronger Pokémon into the Classic leagues.

Image via Niantic

Niantic’s support team has notified Pokémon Go players of a new bug impacting Pokémon powered up using XL Candy. 

XL Candy is used to increase the CP of Pokémon beyond their usual level-40 limit as long as the Trainer using them has also surpassed the level 40 threshold. 

As Niantic stated in its report, a new bug is allowing certain Pokémon that have been powered up with XL Candy to be used in the Go Battle League. This typically wouldn’t be a problem, but the bug is specifically impacting the Classic leagues, which are supposed to only allow Pokémon that are at or below that initial level 40 cap.

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The report does not specify what’s causing the bug or if it’s only affecting specific species when powered up. But the developers do warn against trying to abuse this error if they want to continue using their Pokémon at the Classic level. 

“As this bug will be resolved at a future date, please don’t power up Pokémon with Candy XL if you want them to remain Classic-leagues eligible long-term,” Niantic Support said. “Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

More details about this bug and when a fix might be pushed live should be available at a later date.