New text update shows upcoming items, Research, and more for Pokémon Go

A lot of these details apply to Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto and other upcoming events.

Image via Niantic

Datamining group PokéMiners have searched through the new text and pulled together a ton of information about upcoming Research Tasks, quests, and some information about the addition of mass transfer reports. 

The first thing of note is the inclusion of the Go Tour: Kanto NPC contest winners, which have had their names pushed with custom dialogue. There are several placeholders still included, but this means that Niantic is likely almost done putting each of the winners in the game for the event. 

Text for all of the Kanto Tasks and specific Town-themed hours have also been added, which will let players know which hour of the event they are in and the general info that will be displayed in Today View. 

As for the specific research, we now know one of the Kanto Research lines will be called “A Trainer’s Journey,” while there are three other generic Research events that each have four parts. One focuses on defeating NPCs, while the other two are simply titled Masterwork and Old Sea Map Research. 

Outside of Research and Quests, there are also basic names and descriptions for several new clothing items that are going to be live during the Kanto Tour and the following event. This includes Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise jackets, hats for both the Red and Green versions of the Kanto Tour, and Grass, Fire, and Water-type masks. 

A Go Tour hat, Munna-themed items for the Valentine’s Day event, and a Shiny Mew shirt are also included. 

Finally, with the ability to mass transfer Pokémon, including Legendary/Mythical, it appears that a new prompt is going to start popping up. This report will act as a warning when you have selected any special or event Pokémon for transfer, letting you know if one of the Pokémon in question is not transferable. 

Any Pokémon that can’t be transferred will simply be left in your Pokémon storage, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally losing something.

None of the mentioned content is actually live in the game yet, but all of this text has been pushed to Pokémon Go in preparation for the upcoming events that will run throughout the remainder of February.