New Pokémon Go datamine shows generation 6 Pokédex entries in the game’s code

Kalos native Pokémon might be joining the roster pretty soon.

Image via Niantic

Another Pokémon Go update went live earlier today, mostly adding or editing new lines of text into the game. And thanks to datamining group PokeMiners, we now know Niantic has added in Pokédex information for every generation six Pokémon. 

According to the data, new event clothing, Kalos Pokédex entries, and City Spotlight updates were all included in this most recent patch. 

Starting with the Pokédex entries, all the names, categories, and descriptions were added into the game. This means the data for National Dex numbers 650 to 721 are all being prepped for release in Pokémon Go as Niantic runs out of Unova Pokémon to release as new content. 

The other assets still need to be added into the game before we can start speculating on when gen six Pokémon will start being available. 

On top of that big drop, new clothing for a reported upcoming Meltan, Melmetal, and Pokémon HOME event have also been added, including a Melmetal down jacket, vest, shoes. Additionally, a pair of glasses themed after HOME professor Grand Oak. 

This event will celebrate the launch of compatibility between Go and HOME, which allows players to transfer their Pokémon from the mobile app to HOME’s storage system. 

A ton of text for the recently revealed City Spotlight set of events rounds out the biggest bit of information. There is now information for Badges, Today View data, Titles, Quests, and Quest Dialog available to view if you want a brief look at what might be included. 

The last bit of info alluded to the temporary trade distance increase that Niantic announced earlier today, along with some text about Friendship Levels increasing more quickly. 

You can view all of the information from this update via the PokeMiners thread on The Silph Road Reddit.