Here are all of the new Pokémon abilities coming to Sword and Shield

Learning is half the battle.

Image via Nintendo

Pokémon Sword and Shield are nearly here and trainers are gearing up to learn a bunch of new Pokémon, moves, and abilities.

Through the various trailers revealed for the games so far, we’ve discovered a handful of the new abilities that will be added to the franchise. These will drastically change how both casual and competitive players use Pokémon.

Here are all of the new abilities being added into Pokémon Sword and Shield, as well as which Pokémon can have these abilities and what they actually do.

Ball FetchIf a Pokémon isn’t holding an item, it will fetch a Trainers first Poké Ball thrown if it failed to catch a Wild Pokémon.Yamper
Cotton DownLowers an attacking Pokémon’s speed stat.Eldegoss, Gossifluer
Steam EngineIncreases a Pokémon’s speed when hit by a Water/Fire-type move.Rolycoly
Hunger Switch Changes Morepeko’s Form. Changes Morpeko’s Aura Wheel attack from Electric-type to Dark-type Morpeko
Neutralizing Gas Neutralizes the effects of abilities Galarian Weezing
Mirror Armor Reflects stat effecting moves Corviknight
Gulp MissleWhen using Dive or Surf, Cramorant picks up something that he can hurl at an opposing Pokémon when it is attacked.Cramorant
Pastel VeilPrevents Ponyta and its allies from being poisoned. Pokémon that are already Poisoned will be cured of their status effect.Galarian Ponyta

This article will be updated as more Pokémon abilities are revealed.