New leaks hint at Sinnoh remakes, more new Pokémon games, and big changes for the franchise

Diamond, and Pearl, and so much more.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Just before the newest Pokémon Presents presentation today, a huge portion of the new releases have been leaked online, including trailers and information about multiple new titles that are reportedly being released for the franchise. 

Sinnoh remakes are in fact happening but in two completely different styles, according to Centro Pokémon and several other sources.

One set of games will reportedly be the expected Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, classic style remakes of the original Diamond and Pearl titles. They’ll allegedly have a hybrid, 3D artstyle that has chibi elements while keeping most of the traditional Pokémon gameplay from Sword and Shield

These will also reportedly not be developed by Game Freak. Instead, they’ll have ILCA, some of the devs who worked on Pokémon HOME, working on them while Game Freak works on a separate project. 

As for the second project, Game Freak is allegedly working on a drastically different Pokémon game for 2022 called The Legend of Arceus

This will reportedly feature a more feudal-style Sinnoh region, be a more traditional open-world game compared to what was previously available in the series, and will be what is considered “the next evolution of the Pokémon franchise.” There are also conflicting reports on if the game will use a full turn-based system, one with a hybrid timer, or a more seamless style of combat. 

All of these details have not been confirmed by Game Freak, Nintendo, or The Pokémon Company. But we’ll learn more shortly during the Pokémon Presents presentation, which begins at 9am CT.