New leaked Pokémon Unite gameplay shows more playable Pokémon and content

A lot of details have been shown.

Image via Pokemon

After a set of images leaked last night and showed off what looked like several new Pokémon and the first skins that will allegedly be available in Pokémon Unite, some new gameplay has also appeared online. 

This gameplay is more than likely from the reported second beta test that Tencent and developers TiMi Studios are running in China right now.

The person playing the game shows off what appears to be the game from when you first enter a match, all the way to the end of a game—about 14 minutes is shown in total. This includes taking time to show off some of the costumes that will allegedly be available for some of the Pokémon, including the Hawaiian-style Machamp and a Charizard wearing a beanie and scarf. 

Based on the footage, it also looks like players will be able to customize a trainer that will act as their avatar in menus and other parts of the game. We don’t get to see much of that feature, but every player has one during the loading screen. 

Screengrab via dang pham

Several Pokémon, such as Absol, Slowbro, Gossifleur, and Gardevoir, were chosen in the battle. None of them had previously been confirmed for the game.

Most of the Pokémon that can evolve begin in their first-stage forms to play into the evolution mechanic, such as Gardevoir starting as a Ralts. Others, like Lucario, don’t do that even though it evolves from Riolu.

Screengrab via dang pham

During the match, the player used Charmander and began by running around, battling wild Pokémon set up around the map. Several Pokémon that weren’t shown in the original gameplay showcase appeared on the map, including Audino, Drednaw, and Vespiquen. 

Screengrab via dang pham

The team of the player who captured the footage quickly took a lead, reaching their final evolutions and then camping the enemy team’s base until they managed to secure the win. The final screen showed the scores for each team and all the players standing beside their Pokémon of choice. 

At the very end of the video, you can see that there is already some form of the progression system in place for players to unlock new Pokémon and other rewards as they continue playing the game. A new Professor looking character also popped up to explain things to the player every so often.

None of this information has been confirmed yet by The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, Tencent, or the game’s developer, TiMi Studios, but you can watch the video for yourself on YouTube