Mr. Rime, holiday costumes, and more reportedly coming to Pokémon Go

A new update shows a lot of inclusions in the data.

Image via Niantic

Another update has been pushed live for Pokémon Go that includes some of the new content that goes with the Go Beyond release and 12 Days of Friendship event.

Data-mining group PokeMiners revealed that update 0.193.0 has a lot of content, such as the introduction of Mr. Rime, new holiday costumes, and new inclusions for the searching and tagging features.

A new app icon is already live for the game and details for Mr. Rime, the evolved form of Galarian Mr. Mime, have also been added. There’s information for Mr. Rime to be found normally or as a Shadow Pokémon.

It’s likely that Mr. Rime will be included in some holiday event closer to Christmas alongside new, winter forms for Pikachu, Delibird, and Cubchoo. There’s also an Adventure Hat Pikachu that will be part of an upcoming event, though no specific details were included in the update. 

A new event ticket called the Grey Ticket has been added into the code, which points to Niantic potentially planning to run simultaneous events in the future. 

As previously reported, a new screen will now pop up when you’re out of Raid Passes, offering to take you to the in-game store to purchase more. There’s also a new select all button that’s been added once you select at least one Pokémon in your box, which will let you select multiple Pokémon to transfer or sort at once. 

Among the bigger things in this update are further details for the tagging feature that’s going to be added to the game. This includes icons for adding a tag to various Pokémon, sections for various tag titles, and an edit/create button for those tags. 

New features for AR Mapping or POI Submissions and the new Image Gallery that’s being added to the game were also unveiled, though it’s mostly just basic information and icons. This also includes new AR Mapping and upload progress information screens, along with an ad targeting notification, though details about that weren’t included. 

The last big inclusion is the values for saving Battle Parties to your player account’s save data being added, along with the ability to save your recent and favorite searches. Scrolling improvements and the ability to delete all characters from a search without closing the keyboard are also good quality of life changes.