How to get Magnezone in Pokémon Go

There are two different ways.

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Pokémon Go is one of the most popular mobile games played by millions of people around the world. The AR-driven game allows players to search around the streets of their city, encountering and attempting to capture wild Pokémon as they go.

Given the global experience of the game, many unique Pokémon are available in different locations during different times within the real world.

Once a Pokémon has been secured, players can use them in battles during raids that can result in the capture of rare Pokémon or evolve their Pokémon using special items acquired throughout the player’s time in the game.

While wild encounters are the most common way to catch Pokémon in the game, some are only available during special events or through a specific process in-game. One of those Pokémon is Magnezone, an evolution from the Magneton tree.

Since its introduction to the game in May 2019, Magnezone can be acquired through two separate methods.

How to get Magnezone in Pokémon Go

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Players can simply farm Magnemites and collect three candies for each one they catch. Eventually, this will provide you with a sufficient amount of candy to evolve it into Magnezone.

The second way that you can acquire Magnezone in Pokémon Go is through using a Magnetic Lure Module, which can be purchased from the store. For the cost of 200 coins, the Magnetic Lure Module is a newer addition to the game that functions much like any other lure. An item that can be used at any PokéStop, simply activate the lure and you’ll then be able to evolve your Magneton into a Magnezone on the spot.

While this does warrant the highest cost, simply activating a Magnetic Lure Module is the easiest and fastest way to get the evolution in the game.