How Pokémon Go’s new Master League Classic works

This mode guarantees a fair fight for the end of season six.

Image via Niantic

The Master League Classic has officially begun in Pokémon Go’s Go Battle League. This format differs from the normal Master League, which is also available, since it’s much more accessible for players who may not grind the game excessively.

This new format is making its debut today as another big change to season six of the Go Battle League. In comparison to its Master League counterpart, Master League Classic allows only Pokémon caught up to trainer level 40 to be used. Pokémon caught above this trainer level can be used, but they can’t have had any XL Candies used on them.

XL Candies can be obtained through raids after a player exceeds trainer level 40 and allows them to increase the CP limit of their Pokémon. Normally strong Pokémon that have dominated the Go Battle League get even stronger with these candies, which can make the PvP mode difficult for newer and lower-leveled players.

By limiting this format to Pokémon that haven’t had their CP limits increased with these candies, players of any level can face off fairly in the Master League, where any CP Pokémon can be used—including legendaries and mythical Pokémon. 

Players wanting to use their Pokémon that have had their CP limits increased are still eligible to use them in the regular Master League format, which is also available now to end season six of the Go Battle League.

In addition to the release of the Master League and Master League Classic formats, the Premiere Cup and season-exclusive Love Cup have started. All of these formats, alongside season six of the Go Battle League, are due to conclude at the end of February.