Floral Max Raid Battle event begins in Pokémon Sword and Shield

These colorful Pokémon are here to ring in the Spring.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Spring has finally sprung, and what better way to fight away the chills of the Crown Tundra than with some flowers?

A new Max Raid battle event has started in Pokémon Sword and Shield, featuring floral Grass and Fairy-type Pokémon that thrive in the sunlight—just in time for the first week of Spring. Players also have the chance at a guaranteed Shiny Lilligant encounter, if they are able to defeat it that is. Upon defeating the event Raid bosses, players will be rewarded with various stat-boosting Berries, as well as Armorite Ore and Dynite Ore.

But players will have to be quick, since these flowers are only in bloom for a short duration. The event will end on March 28, and the original event of increased appearances of Flying and Fairy-type Pokémon in Max Raid battles will return.

Here is the full lineup for the new event.

  • 1-Star Raids: Oddish, Cherubi, Lilligant, Fomantis, Comfey
  • 2-Star Raids: Vileplume, Bellossom, Cherrim, Lilligant, Fomantis, Comfey
  • 3-Star Raids: Vileplume, Bellossom, Cherrim, Lilligant, Lurantis, Comfey
  • 4-Star Raids: Vileplume, Bellossom, Cherrim, Lilligant, Lurantis, Comfey
  • 5-Star Raids: Vileplume, Shiny Lilligant, Charrim, Lilligant, Lurantis, Comfey

This event follows the pattern of seasonal Max Raid battle events that have donned the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra since the release of Sword and Shield. Players can expect these events to continue into the future.

These floral Pokémon have blossomed and are now available to fight in Max Raid Battles, but they will soon wither and return to the ground on March 28.